Monday, September 12, 2011

Animal Alphabet Book

For this assignment, you will create three pages for our classroom Animal Alphabet Book.  You can find photo images at Google Images. 

Google Images

You will need to find three images for each letter of the alphabet.  Here's an example of what your page should look like when it's finished. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Diversity of Living Things

Welcome to our EAL Science blog.  This is where you can find Science websites which we will be using during class.  I will also post your homework assignments here.

The first unit we are studying this year is the diversity of living things.  Yesterday, we learned about living and non-living things.  Today, we will be discovering the five kingdoms that scientists have created to classify living things.  The word classify means to put things into smaller groups.

Here is a website that explains the different groups:

Information about the Classification of Living Things

Next week, we will be completing an online assignment.  We will be going to different websites and reading more information about living things.  Here is the website you will need to go to:

Classification Scavenger Hunt

Have a great weekend!  Remember that there is no school on Monday because it is Labour Day.

Mrs. Thorson