Monday, December 9, 2013

Element PowerPoint Presentation

Good afternoon!

Today, you are going to create a PowerPoint slide on a chemical element and we will be presenting these in class on Wednesday, December 11th. You will have today and tomorrow to work on this assignment.

You can choose which element you would like to present on but each student must do a different element to share with the class. The assignment is as follows:

EAL Science
Let’s Get to Know the Elements

The entire universe is made up of elements. The elements have been put into groups and placed on the periodic table. We will get to know many of the elements this semester based on this assignment. You must use one PowerPoint slide to show the information you have found. You will be given research time (one day) to find the information required. Everyone in the class will be doing a separate element:

The following information must be on the sheet:
1. element name and symbol
2. atomic number and atomic mass
3. electron configuration
4. at least 4 uses of the element in the world
5. boiling point/melting point/density
6. a picture of the element in its natural state
7. two pictures (or examples) of objects that the material is in
8. year of discovery and who discovered it
9. where and how the element is found in its natural state

Due Date: This assignment is due Wednesday, December 11th, 2013.

Presentation: At that time, you will give a short two minute presentation on the element. In your presentation you should tell us something interesting about the element and how it is used in the world. Your interesting fact does not need to be included on the PowerPoint slide.

Assessment: This assignment is out of 20 marks. (3 marks for presentation, 10 marks for having the above information on the assignment, 2 marks for references and 5 marks for grammar/spelling).

The following website is a good place to start!
Periodic Table of the Elements

Here is an example of what your slide should look like

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