Thursday, October 10, 2013

Biomes Webquest

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Today, we are going to begin working on something called a Webquest.  A Webquest is a way to learn more about a subject using different websites and computer programs.  For this project, we are going to be doing the following activities:

Friday, October 11th - Introduction to the Biomes Webquest and "Biomes of the World" Map Assignment 
Due: Tuesday, October 15th

Here is another Biomes Map to help you with your assignment.

Tuesday, October 15th Biome Web Research: We are going to research the Deciduous Forest together as a class using the links given on the website.  We will include information in our report including the biome description, climate, plants, animals and adaptations made by living things in the biome.  Biome Research Form
Due: Tuesday, October 15th (This is an in-class assignment that we will do together but you are still required to complete the work and hand it in on the day of class.)

Wednesday, October 16th - Biome Web Research: Students will be put into teams of 2 or 3 to complete the research on one of the following biomes: Taiga, Desert, Rainforest, Grasslands, Arctic Tundra.  You will do this together with a partner but each student will use their own computer and complete their own research forms.
Due: Thursday, October 17th

Thursday, October 17th - Biome Scrapbook Assignment and Class Presentation: Students will use their biome research form to create scrapbook pages.  The scrapbook must include a title page, description/climate page, animal pages, and plant pages.  We will create a rubric together as a class and discuss what is important when representing, presenting, and listening to information. You will be presenting these scrapbook pages to the class the following week.  We will decide upon the date later.
Due: Monday, October 21st

For each of these classes, we will be meeting in the Library Computer Lab.  Please go straight to the library and you may log in to a computer as soon as you arrive to help save some time.

Let's work hard and have lots of fun learning about biomes together.  If you have questions at home, you can e-mail me at and I will try to help if I can!

Mrs. Thorson

Additional Information:
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