Monday, November 7, 2011

Saskatchewan Crops PowerPoint Assignment

Saskatchewan Crop Research Project (EAL Students)

You will research information on one Saskatchewan field crop to find out information and then present that information in a PowerPoint presentation.  You will first need to complete a research outline with the facts that you find.

The PowerPoint will include a title page, the required facts, and some additional interesting facts that you have discovered.  Use the template that I have provided for you to complete the PowerPoint presentation and the research outline.

For this assignment, you can use the following websites to find information on the crop you have chose.  You may also use the encyclopedias in the office or other books.  Make sure to write down all of your sources for a reference list.

Saskatchewan Crop Information

Special Crops - Mustard, Canary Seed, Buckwheat, and Sunflower

Special Field Crops - Including interesting facts about flax and some delicious looking recipes.

How to Grow Flax

Mustard Seed

How to Grow Mustard Seed

Mustard Seeds

How to Grow Canary Seed

Canary Seed (Gov't of Sask)

How to Grow Canary Seed

Pet Care Canary Seed

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