Friday, November 21, 2014

Going to Agribition - 2014!

Going to Agribition! 

Next week, we will be going to the Canadian Western Agribition.  Here is the website!  Please look around the website and answer the following questions.

Agribition Website Exploration Assignment 

1.  When does the Canadian Western Agribition take place? 

2.  Click on the Ranch Horse Catalogue and write three sentences about two of the horses in it. 

3.  List three sponsors of the Agribition listed here.

4.  List and write down the information for three family events at Agribition.

5.  Who are three singers performing at Agribition in the evenings?  Write a sentence about each singer. 

6. What are five rodeo events that will be a part of the Agribition rodeo?

If you are finished the Agribition questions, take some time to look at these websites about farm animals.  We will see many of these at Agribition on November 25th.

Farm Animals

An Online Book about Farm Animals

All About Farm Animals 

For Agribition, please remember the following:
- Bring a warm jacket
- Wear older shoes
- Bring lunch and some water
- You may also bring some money to buy lunch or a treat (e.g. popcorn, hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream)
- Stay with your group leader (teacher); Agribition is VERY large and we must stay with our groups at all times.
- Animals always go first.  They are much bigger than you so wait for them to go first.
- The bus will be ready to go at 9:00 am so please meet in Mrs. Thorson's room at 8:30 am.
 - Have fun!

Mrs. Thorson 

Canadian Western Agribition

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